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Goodbye Naftali, Gilad and Eyal: Hello Poster Children

I’d love to have titled this “You Lost Me at Sheloshim”: a quippy little title, and none the worse for its pop-culture overuse. But it isn’t true. You lost me some time ago, what you’ve done now is utterly disgusted and offended me.

My former shul, and the wider community to which it belongs, is communally observing “sheloshim” for the three boys kidnapped and killed in the Settlements and also publicly mourning for the soldiers killed recently in Gaza. Sheloshim being the 30 day period of mourning following a death, and also colloquially the final day thereof. And they have sent me an invitation to attend the…uh….festivities?

I don’t know what else to call them to be honest.

Firstly, it hasn’t been 30 days since the soldiers died so it can’t be their sheloshim. It is the sheloshim for the boys who were killed: tragic deaths they were indeed… I use that in its correct literary sense. On the surface it all seems very right and proper, doesn’t it? So what is my problem, beyond being an irredeemably antisemitic shiksa?

This is not “mourning” according to Jewish Law. It is, in fact, forbidden.

That’s right. It’s forbidden.

Regardless of one’s emotional closeness to the deceased, or how their life or death impacted you, if you are not one of the degrees of relations obligated to mourn (parent, child, sibling or spouse) you are not only not obligated to observe the rituals and timelines of mourning, you are forbidden from doing so. You may grieve (the emotion) all you like but you are NOT a “mourner”.

You don’t observe shiva, you visit the shiva house and comfort the lawful mourners. You don’t stand up and recite the Mourner’s Qaddish, you form part of a minyan to enable the mourners to recite it and say “Amen”. You don’t observe Sheloshim or Yahrzeit (death anniversary)…again except by visiting, making minyan etc. The permitted thing for someone outside those degrees to do is to recite Qaddish for someone who had no mourners when they died, or to recite it publicly on behalf of a female mourner (Orthodoxy only) and that person does not sit shiva or observe any other rituals, except Qaddish.

This rule is so strict that even in the Conservative synagogue I could not stand up in the synagogue and recite Qaddish on my mother’s Yahrzeit because she was not considered my mother any more, ritually speaking. I had no obligation to mourn her ritually, and so was actually forbidden from it. This is the woman who gave me the very first cell to form my body, and 50.1% of my DNA, and carried me within her very body itself, eating and breathing for me. I am physically more like her, more a part of her, more ‘flesh of her flesh’ than I am to anyone but my own children, who carry her DNA and her mitochondrial DNA as well. This is also the woman who taught me Yiddish words, Jewish humour, love of learning, Hebrew words and bits of prayers and Talmud. Whatever is Jewish in me, is owed to her. She did not just create a physical body, she made whatever Jewish soul I might have possible, and shaped and molded it for 34 years. Assuming I have a Jewish spark, I got it  from her. She is in every sense the mother of a Jew; ergo, she is a Jewish mother.

But I was not allowed to mourn her as one….by a community that, in the name of political posturing, is about to collectively observe sheloshim for three boys that, to my knowledge, not one of them is actually related to enough to mourn.


Even mothers of 29 day old infants are not permitted to mourn, and you think because the deaths of these boys were politically motivated, or “attacks on the Jewish people” or on Israel that that gives you the right to collectively abrogate Jewish Law? That because you are Zionists “defending Israel and the Jewish people” it gives you more rights than mothers whose arms are empty and whose breasts ache? Shame on you!

This is davqa why the Rabbis forbade people outside the permitted degrees from ritual mourning.

First, that whole communities would virtually shut down if everyone collectively observed all the strictures of mourning. 

Second, that the dignity of death and mourning would be replaced with public spectacles, and with the wailing of hired mourners, as individuals, families and communities competed with each other in showing their grief. In showing who was finer. More sensitive. More pious.

And thirdly, because Jewish Law demands that everyone be treated equally in death. No matter how rich, how important, how learned they were or how greatly they impacted others in life. No matter how they died. All go into a plain wooden box, in a plain, unadorned white shroud with  hands spread open to show that, whatever it is you had, you can’t take it with you. And the same people mourn; parents, siblings, spouses, children. That’s it. 

If I am not permitted to mourn the woman who gave me my very life and made me who I am, how can I be permitted to mourn 3 boys I never met, to whom I am no relation at all, and of whom I know nothing but the circumstances of their deaths?

I know nothing about them except one thing only: they were real human beings, not symbols. And that means I know one more thing about them than you do.

Stop the pretence that you care about these boys’ lives. Thirty days ago they were nothing and no one to you. If you are an Israeli you would happily have cut in front of them in line to shave a few seconds off your daily errands. If you are ultra-Orthodox you would have taken one look at their kippot serugot and called them Amalek. If you are Conservative/Masorti, Reform or secular you would have sneered at them as religious nuts.

Stop the pretence that you care about their deaths. Thirty days ago a Jew was killed by a careless, aggressive or drunk driver. Thirty days a go a Jewish woman, or perhaps a man, was killed by an intimate partner. Thirty days ago a Jewish child was killed by a parent, grandparent or caregiver. Thirty days ago a Jew died on the job because of a negligent workplace. Thirty days ago a Jew died in a violent robbery, or because of organized crime. Thirty days ago a Jewish prostitute, that symbol of normalization par excellence, was killed by a john, or a pimp. Where, may I ask, are THEIR collective sheloshim?

When did it become the case that the only Jewish deaths that mattered were the ones caused by Palestinians, or Muslims? When did their deaths become the only ones worth mourning?

You use the slogan “An attack on one is an attack on all” but in the fine print at the bottom it reads “Jews who have exhibited the poor taste to be killed by other Jews need not apply”.

The only thing that matters to you about these boys is their symbolic value in death. They do make nice poster children, don’t they? I keep seeing “innocent” appended to their names….what a very odd choice of word, Jewishly speaking. Innocent means in origin “not having knowledge” and in the sense of “not having knowledge of a crime” to not be morally or legally responsible or culpable. Which one do you mean? I would hate to think you are suggesting that they were uneducated, so you would appear to be suggesting they are not morally or legally responsible or culpable.

How odd. You see Jewish Law holds that at age 13 a boy becomes morally responsible and culpable for his actions. That isn’t my opinion, it’s the opinion of centuries of Rabbis. I’m an amateur neurologist; I’m still not certain whether anyone under 25 can be totally culpable.

Are you suggesting then that there was no crime for them to be culpable of? Unfortunately there was, and still is. In contravention of international law, Israel still occupies land outside its internationally recognized borders and blockades the borders and ports of another nation. I am also perfectly willing to point out that attacks on civilians are also in contravention of international law but that does not negate the Israeli and Jewish responsibility for Israel’s actions and is a separate, if related, topic. Jews are settling on land that is not theirs by international law and now three young people living on those lands have been killed by the natives in retaliation.

It is really not fair. Naftali, Gilad and Eyal were not more responsible than the other settlers around them, nor more responsible than the people in the Israeli government, which looks away with the eyes at illegal settlements while it has a hand behind its back slipping them money, building them roads and sewers and moving in troops to defend them from the people whose land they’re on. They were not more responsible than Jews around the world who fund charities that support the settlements, or than the parents who brought them there, to a dangerous place, because they have replaced centuries of Rabbis with one Rav, and his fanatical and idolatrous beliefs about the divinity of the land, or the legions of Jews who preserve and propagate this theology. I am not even sure if they are more culpable than the millions of Jews around the world who simply choose wilful blindness, or complacent silence on the issue of the settlements, or the racist remarks made by members of Knesset calling for all Palestinian women to be killed before they can become mothers of “little snakes”.

It really is not fair that they should be killed when so many others are so clearly more culpable, but neither are they innocent. None of us are.

And that is the part Jews don’t want to see. That Jews are culpable also in their deaths. Jews may not have pulled the proverbial trigger, but Jews daily contribute in myriad ways to creating and maintaining the situation that led to their deaths, by distorting the truth, spreading misinformation, and blaming everyone else…by refusing to move beyond the posture of victimhood and recognize that, in this game, Jews are holding the majority of the cards.

Naftali, Gilad and Eyal had the poor taste to be killed partially by other Jews. Admitting that would diminish their value as symbols of the cause….but it might just restore their humanity.

And that is what they deserve in death, as in life. To be human. 

Shame on you! Shame on us all! It may have been Palestinians who took their lives, but it is you who are taking away their humanity.

For you to invite me to partake in this travesty of Jewish Law, this politicized spectacle of wailing is repugnant. I may be just as morally culpable in their deaths because I’ve chosen the path of avoiding confrontation for too long, but I have not yet sunk so low that I will prostitute myself. You will all sell your services for an Israeli shekel, and will weep and wail for show, but I won’t join you for this farcical “sheloshim”. Nor for the equally empty vanity of  breast beating and pseudo-pious pretence to come on Yom Kippur, in which your lips will be reciting words of moral introspection and your hearts will be far away. 

You may as well all just stand up and recite, “Hamas has incurred guilt; Hamas has betrayed…” because that is what you will be thinking the whole time. And when all that is done you can recite the Shema as it is in your hearts too. “Shema Adonai, Yisrael eloheinu, Yisrael echad.”

I have disagreed with you. I have been saddened by you. I have been annoyed and angered by you. But I think this is the first time I have actually felt physically sick with disgust at you. 

I keep saying I’m leaving Judaism but this latest replacement of Jewish Law with Zionist Spectacle simply reminds me that everybody else has already left it before me. It’s rather hard to storm dramatically out of an empty room.

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Reading the words of the anonymous rabbi in recounting his fear in face the warning sirens alerting Jerusalemites of Hamas rockets, I was both enraged and ashamed.

I was enraged by the lack of comprehension he showed to the situation in which we - Israelis and Palestinians - have been living for as long as we remember. I was born in Jerusalem in 1979 and lived here for most of my life. An officer in the IDF still fulfilling my reserve duty, I have lived through three wars (Lebanon I - 1982; Gulf I - 1991; Lebanon II - 2006), two Intifada uprisings of the occupied Palestinians (1987; 2000) and three military operations in Gaza (Cast Lead - 2008; Pillar of Defense - 2012; Protective Edge - 2014). Some of these I experienced in uniform. I am also raising two young children in Jerusalem.

For us living here, the current military operation and the ongoing drizzle of rockets are neither unbearable nor threatening in an existential way. Iron Dome has enabled Israelis to continue with their normal lives neither terrified nor terrorized. While the Gazans are rained with high-precision ton-heavy bombs falling with no sirens or alert system, we in Jerusalem have heard three sirens in the past nine days, and witnessed no rocket falling.

When the siren went off in that Saturday afternoon mentioned by the rabbi, I was sitting with my family in a park right across to the Shalom Hartman Institute, compared in his narrative to an U-Boat under attack. From the park where we were picnicking, as it happened, I could see the rocket being intercepted several miles south to Jerusalem, above Hebron, and in contrast to the rabbi’s Dresdenian depiction.

In a cross check with a senior Haaretz correspondent, it turns out that none of the rockets even got close to central Jerusalem - hits were located only around Hebron and Ramat Raziel (a village miles to the west of the city) probably a result of shrapnel from Iron Dome’s interceptions. This gets nowhere near WWII (the very comparison is preposterous if not offensive to survivors of that terrible war).

I am enraged because the rabbi is presumably a tourist in my city and country, yet in the name of his spiritual and cultural connection to the holy land he feels free to act as its spokesman. By generalizing his personal sense of fear and acting as a spokesman for those who actually carry the burden of living in Israel, the rabbi grossly exaggerated the impact of Hamas terror on Jerusalem and portrayed it with unduly epic dimensions. In so doing, he distorts the actual power imbalance in this tragic situation, in addition to victimizing me and my fellow Israeli citizens.

As a society, we are a (powerful) side in this conflict, not a helpless victim. To avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to clarify that I am far from disregarding the fear and anxiety felt by many Israelis who are in the line of fire day after day. Writing about Jerusalem however - a city that witnessed three sirens and not even one hit of a rocket - in the way that the rabbi adopted is simply absurd. This absurdity might indicate that his experience is influenced less by concrete reality and more by his already existing perception of victimhood. And this brings me to shame.

The blinding victimhood embodied in the rabbi’s comments is shameful because it points at an abject moral, spiritual and leadership failure. In the very same Jerusalem and on the very same days, young religious Jews have burnt alive an innocent Palestinian teenager, in the name of national revenge. In this very city, racist Jewish hooligans are marching every night, seeking Arab scapegoats, cracking down on other Jews who dare answer back to them, shouting slogans such as “death to the Arabs” and “A Jew has a Soul, and Arab is a son of a whore”.

Where is the cry of this anonymous rabbi against these far more worrisome threats to our existence and future? How dare American rabbis who keep silent these days continue and call themselves religious shepherds? As an observant Jew, I am ashamed at how few were the courageous voices who took into heart the words of Rabbi A. J. Heschel who marched at Selma with Martin Luther King Jr.: “Few might be guilty - but all are responsible”.

The rabbi’s anonymity, it turns out, is but a metaphor for his inacceptable silence on the real enemies of the Jewish society in Israel - the extremist hateful enemies from within.

No, rabbi, you got it wrong. The rockets are not really scary nor are they a true existential threat. Racism, radicalism, and religious intoxication from brute power has become an imminent danger to our old and beloved peoplehood. When people are accustomed to hearing that they are perpetual innocent victims of Palestinian aggression, they eventually translate they frustration into rage and start seeking justice in revenge. If you continue looking up to the sky, you will not notice that the house is already burning from within.

Dr. Hillel Ben Sasson, Jerusalem


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The Stalking of Sarah (I Want to Ride my Bicycle Remix)

What I really want to blog about is my new bike. It’s not new-new, it’s secondhand but I do love it to the point of geeky obsessiveness, and am making all sorts of plans for its improvement and decoration and have macguyvered panniers (pann-yeys, Americans, not pann-yers!) for it from plastic grocery bins.

Fettering my enthusiasm for my iron horse is the ongoing stalking by Judaism. This is not the first time I’ve had to deal with this, it got so bad during my post-accident hiatus that other people started to notice it. The more I try to de-Judify, the more relentlessly Judaism hangs around the streetcorners of my life, leaping out at me unexpectedly. For example, I agreed to come out of retirement and help stage manage a play for Fringe which at the time had nothing to do with Jews or Judaism: after I arrived, one of the characters became a crypto-Jew….me and crypto-Jews have a longstanding entanglement. Since I left, a stream of Jews have called me up for one reason or another, mostly wanting favours, and complete strangers of the Jewish kind are attempting to befriend me via my ingocnito presence on Facebook. Close encounters of the hoovering kind, indeed.

It’s proving surprisingly hard to sever this relationship. More and more it is reminding me of abusive relationships past. In fact, all of Judaism reminds me more starkly of Borderline Personality disorder daily, particularly its stunningly lopsided relationship to its shotgun-marriage partner, Palestine. I had a husband like that….holding all the cards and power in the relationship but constantly pissing and moaning to the world about how victimized they were and how awful it was to be married to an out-of-control abuser like me, cough (projection) cough. It’s called a “distortion campaign” in English, but in Hebrew it’s better known as “hasbara”.  It was a ‘crying and punching’ thing. Once you’ve lived on the receiving end of one yourself, your tolerance for other people’s bullshit campaigns is minimal.

I’ve done everything short of literally apostate myself by joining another religion and I’m not sure what more I have to do to get the message across. I would have preferred to drift away quietly….be polite to Jewish people when I ran into them, but simply not be part of their lives any more and not be caught up in their constant drama. It looks like I’m going to have to be breathtakingly obvious (by, say, taking up the hijab) or breathtakingly rude.

I really just want to ride my bicycle.

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Presbyterians to divest stock to protest Israeli policy on Palestinians; 3 companies targeted - Canadian Business

Well, the Presbyterians (USA), a sect of Christianity founded with a strong identification with Jews and Judaism, have now voted narrowly (310 to 303) to divest from three companies whose products are used in Israel’s  occupied territories. Keep in mind they are NOT part of the wider BDS movement, nor do they, or the BDS movement for that matter, advocate for an end to Israel. Given the reactions one would think they had issued a statement about “wiping Israel off the map” rather than simply selling stock in publicly traded US companies…but this is the way of things, the slightest criticism of specific Israeli policies is now considered equivalent to firing up the ovens to warm then for the coming holocaust.

It cannot be otherwise, since Zionism is the New Judaism and Israelis are the only really important kind of Jews. Ipso facto, a criticism of Israeli policy is an attack on all Jews throughout time and space. Zionism was intended to “normalize” the Jews by making them a nation like any other. In  that area it has been a stunning failure, for all NORMAL nations can be criticized for their policies. We complained about South Africa without the slightest suggestion that we hated the Dutch, or the Afrikaaners, wherever they may be. We can deplore the National Front in France, without hating all the French, or the Golden Dawn without hating the Greeks. We can rant about the regime in Syria, or the one in Iran, without hating all Syrians, or Iranians. That’s normal.

What’s not normal is Israel and its supporters who cannot make that distinction: not when they are the object of criticism, and not when they criticize the policies or actions of others. The Israelis and the Israel Lobby and its supporters are unable to criticize Irish intellectual support for BDS without hating all the Irish everywhere. They can’t criticize aspects of the Pope’s visit without demonizing all Catholics and all of Catholicism. And the same thing will happen here. The Presbyterians, while they have made converts of other ethnicities, began in Scotland, became the official Church of Scotland, and is still chock full of people with some degree of Scottish ancestry. Seeing as the Mennonites and Quakers have made similar decisions, and it was a near call with the Anglicans last time they broached the issue, from which they backed down under pressure (someone said something about moral cowardice?) presumably they must now hate the Dutch and partially hate the English with an option to expand.

Anger is and energy, anger is an energy…


Personally, I find even being asked to hate that many people exhausting and tiresome. As I remarked on my Fb, I probably should have become a Muslim as it  comes with a much shorter list of people I’d have to hate….like, say, no one, because theologically Islam agrees with Christianity on “hate the sin, love the sinner” (what certain Muslims and Christians do to the contrary notwithstanding). Judaism also believes that, or did until it was co-opted by Zionism. Now it seems to relish both the sin and the hating of the sinner. C.S. Lewis said something on that in topic in Mere Christianity, on the dangers of such an attitude that starts with hating the darkness, and via relishing the ‘outing’ of evildoers and their punishment, eventually stops hoping the person is “not so bad as all that” and starts to look for and hope for even worse ‘dirt’ to come out when an evildoer is caught. They begin to wish, as Lewis put it, that “black were just a little blacker”.

I do wonder how long it will take for this to go the way of the Irish…and for rants about the “moral cowardice” of the Presbyterians a “dying religion” (a true but laughably ironic insult given that 90% of Judaism is dying) will turn into how awful the Scottish people have been since about the Bronze Age. Hint: it all went downhill after Stonehenge.

Given it’s the first sign of backbone I’ve seen in the Presbyterian Church since…well, since always in my case, but more broadly since their fight against attempts to force them to follow the English rite way back when, I may just do the unthinkable and show up for church next week. Just for the moral support.

Below is David Shasha’s commentary, via which I learned of the issue at all. I really need to unsub from the rest of the Jewish stuff that gets sent to me due to the constant drama. People just mention Israel and I tense up, thinking, What have they done and who have they bombed now?

2. I could not make this up:


“Messianic Jewish leaders oppose Presbyterian divestment from Israel.”

The article by-line is credited to the “International Messianic Jewish community.”

Whatever one thinks of the BDS movement, it is always interesting to see the steadfastness of the Christian extremists and their lack of shame when it comes to Conversionist tactics.

The Presbyterian decision is based on humanitarian grounds rooted in the church’s ethical teachings.  “Messianic” Judaism is based on a rejection of the most basic Jewish values.  It is a deeply hateful anti-Torah vision that insists that the Jewish Covenant has been superseded.  There is no authentic human morality involved.  It is part and parcel of the occult understanding of Christian incarnationism which has replaced the Jewish tradition of Law and morality.

So while the Presbyterians are dealing with the real life problems of politics and occupation, the “Messianic” Jews are living in a very dangerous magical world where the Jewish people are pawns in an eschatological scheme that makes us pathetic victims and takes away from us our ability to follow the dictates of our religious heritage.

It is thus little wonder that the extremist Christian website World Net Daily posted this surreal piece on the Third Temple:


It does seem somewhat odd that Christians who believe that the Torah laws were abrogated by their Messiah are so concerned with reinstituting the Temple. 

What the article does not discuss is how these lunatic Jews at the so-called “Temple Institute” have arrogated themselves the authority to hasten the Redemption – against the explicit doctrines of the Talmud:


This is the sickness that Israel and Zionism has brought on us.

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Concerns in Europe After Far-Right Gains in E.U. Elections

It’s rather a relief not to have to care about this in the “new” Jewish way; that is, to care only about the Jews and nobody else and maniacally read through the lines of every news article to see if it’s “good for the Jews”. I now have space to care about the Roma, who have nowhere to flee but Canada: a swinging-to-the-right Canada whose sole concern overseas is Israel and who has cottoned on that the Jews no longer give a leftwingy shit about the helpless and downtrodden if they’re goyim and no longer will accept the Roma as refugees. I can even care about the Muslims now, and not get shit all over and called a Nazi for having ordinary human empathy for people trapped in the cesspool of sociopathy that is Europe today.

Euroskepticism: yeah, I’m pretty skeptical about Europe too…

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And Let the Delegitimization of the Irish Begin

Yesterday I rebuked a fellow Jew for stating that the Irish are “the 2nd most barbaric people in existence” (following the Arabs of course) and always had been so. Apparently that means I am not only not a Jew, but am a Nazi who gets all their information about Judaism from Stormfront. 

Apparently, I did not get the memo that centuries of Irish tolerance and acceptance of Jews, and mutual support for each others hopes to be a nation in their own historic land had been rendered not only moot, but completely erased from history by the recent dislike of Irish intellectuals for how Zionism has turned out in practice post 1967. In another great episode of “The Doctor Who History Hour” not only has that been erased, but so has every single good thing about the Irish ever, throughout all time. 

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” 
― George Orwell1984

By contrast, my accuser gushed effusively about the contributions to the world of England, conveniently forgetting that they brutally oppressed the Jews then kicked them all out for 500 years and made England Judenrein, and then called the English the “inheritors of the Roman Empire”….you know, the Empire that Jews invited in to help us with a political problem, and who proceeded to take over the whole country, oppress the Jews, murder millions, burn down the Temple and then kick the Jews out of their own country to begin with. And, for the record, it was Daniel O’Connor  who, in 1846, insisted the English “De Judaismo” laws requiring special dress for Jews were repealed in Ireland.

Safe to say, there is no better way to piss off a Celt than to idolize the English

That’s correct…to criticize Israel, even just the Settlements, now makes you worse than two countries that expelled the Jews and on a par with the political philosophy that murdered six million of them.

I thought perhaps this was a lone extremist, but no. It is now mainstream Jewish to dis all the Irish for all eternity and call them animals and so forth; as per the comments here.


Having not been about shul much, finding it tiresome to spend every kiddush lunch defending the sanctity of the linear timeline and accepted historical fact against the delusionality of tribalist rhetoric and that big ball of timey-wimey hasbara, I apparently missed the latest Epistle of the Zionists for the erudition of the masses. Clearly I should have jacked myself into the Israeli Misrad haEmet  (Ministry of Truth) matrix to get my latest historical revision updates.

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” 
― George Orwell1984

Apparently the Epistle of the Zionists concerning the Church of Scotland is already issued and the follow-up concerning the Scottish People is in the works…sadly, because the Scottish were roped into the British Empire by the ascension of King James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, becoming James I of England, (and not by military invasion) there was not really any bloodshed involved and little in the way of revolutionary attempts after. Rest assured, though, that the Halls of Hasbara are hard at work looking for any events that can be framed as evidence of our uncivilied state; presumably barring us from having any opinions of consequence.

You see, any act by Irish or Scottish people against England is a sign of our utter depravity, whereas, for example, blowing up the King David Hotel is an honourable act of patriotism by “freedom fighters” who are NOT terrorists. Asking people not to buy “settlement produced goods”, but otherwise being nice to Jews is anti-semitic; whereas attacking Jews physically and smashing the produce they bought from Palestinians was “necessary to promote Jewish labour” and acceptable.

So, on that day, I decided to “apostate myself” insofar as that is necessary when my conversion ceremony was never accepted by any Jews of consequence or Israel, despite being invalidated by the last minute unforewarned addition of Zionist claptrap to the traditional ceremony requiring me to pledge allegience as a Jew to a secular state that doesn’t fully recognize the conversion to begin with. If it weren’t so fucking Orwellian, it would be funny.

 It’s not so much that blood is thicker than mikveh water, it’s that grey matter trumps white paper.

Henceforth, this blog, if I keep it at all, will no longer be Jewish. It will be as judenrein as the England and Rome Zionists so admire.

And Zionists everywhere were filled with joy. They had followed the instructions in the manual “How to Lose Allies and Alienate Everyone” to the letter and, sure enough, they had worked. One more person had been “revealed”, despite even converting to Judaism, to have always been a secret antisemite all along. It was the proof that their theory that every single goy on the planet really does hate the Jews was the truth. “You see”  said the Minister of Jewish-Goyish Relations, “if you are nice to people, they will never show their true colours. But if you subject them to gaslighting and mindfucking, harass them with unfounded accusations, and perhaps fling some public denunciations or lawsuits their way, you will always discover the anti-semite within. Tough cases may require false arrests or beatings,eve torture, but it always works. This method is a tried and true means of procuring accurate confessions, used many times in history, such as in the Salem witch-trials. Why even the U.S. government uses it at Guatanamo! It’s fool proof!”

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Rape and the College Brand

It could not be said better. Things are very bad when the conservatives are complaining and critiquing…mind you Douthat is a religious conservative; a dying breed.